Danish Video Transcription and Translation

Danish Video / Audio Transcription

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    Danish Transcript Translation

    • Low price, No hidden fees
    • Do Not need original files
    • 100% Acceptance Guarantee
    • Secure & Easy Submission Process
    • Fast and Accurate Translation
    • Delivery by E-mail and Post

    100% Acceptance Guarantee

    Danish Video Transcription and Translation

    Sydney Translation Services is a professional translation agency providing video and audio transcription and translation.

    Our professional Danish translators can provide Danish to English transcription with optional time-stamp (on speaker change) for both video and audio files.

    We are also able to accomodate for poor audio conditions and when the video or audio contains both Danish and English for transcribing.

    Danish Video Transcript Translation

    For larger files, you may use file-sending services such as Accellion, Dropbox or wetransfer, we also accept video files sent via post using USB sticks.

    Transciption and Translation of English Videos

    We can also provide transcription of English video files, followed by translation to Danish. Danish subtitles can be delivered in SRT format.

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