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Professional Estonian Translation Services
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    Sydney Translation Services offers professional Estonian translator services by Estonian translators for all types of documents required for legal, business, migration, marketing or personal use.

    Our Estonian translators are tertiary qualified and experienced in English Estonian translations. We also have translators specialised in technical or medical terminology to ensure accurate and fast translations.

    For accurate and reliable Estonian translator services, email us your documents for a quick no-obligations quote.

    Estonian Translation Services

    Qualified Estonian Translators

    Our translators are accredited by NAATI for Estonian English translations used in Australia.

    Beyond Australia, our Estonian translators have linguistics or translation related Bachelors / MA qualifications and relevant professional translation experience.

    Examples of Estonian translations we provide

    NAATI Estonian Translator

    Being NAATI accredited means our Estonian translator is required to renew their accreditation with NAATI at regular intervals as to remain up-to-date and committed to the highest level of competency and currency in the profession.

    Translator for the Estonian Language

    Estonian is the official language of Estonia, spoken by about 1.1 million people in Estonia and tens of thousands in various émigré communities. It is a Uralic language and is closely related to Finnish. Estonian belongs to the Finnic branch of the Uralic languages, along with Finnish, Karelian, and other nearby languages. The Uralic languages do not belong to the Indo-European languages. Estonian is distantly related to Hungarian. Like Finnish and Hungarian, Estonian is a somewhat agglutinative language, but unlike them, it has lost the vowel harmony of Proto-Uralic, although in older texts the vowel harmony can still be recognized.1


    Estonian Translation Services


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