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    Every customer is important to us. Below are some kind testimonials we have received from happy customers. We look forward to servicing all your translation needs!

    Chinese to English translation
    6 Aug 18

    Thank you for the fast delivery, we've checked the translations and are happy with the result. Look forward to ordering more translations from your team.

    Pearl, Singapore

    French to English translation
    5 Jun 18

    Good price, service is very fast!

    Lionel, NSW

    German to English translation
    18 Apr 18

    Best price I found after getting a bunch of quotes, and then extremely fast service.

    Simon, NSW

    Chinese to English translation
    15 Apr 18

    That was really quick, thank you so much!

    Cindy, NSW

    English to German translation
    13 Feb 18

    I thank you very much for completing the required translation work. We are happy with the work that has been done. Many thanks.

    Adrian, SA

    English to Spanish translation
    9 Nov 17

    Thank you so much for your services, in particular a special thanks for your efficiency. I really appreciate it.

    Jessica, NSW

    Dutch to English translation
    13 Oct 17

    Fast, professional and great customer service. Highly recommend!

    Rachel, NSW

    Malay to English translation
    30 Aug 17

    Great communication, quick turnaround, and high quality work that was very professionally presented. Would recommend.

    Keith, NSW

    Italian to English translation
    14 Jul 17

    Thank you very much for the urgent translations. I will use your service again in the future.

    Rob, WA

    Chinese to English translation
    2 Jun 17

    Thanks for the quick turn-around, much appreciated!

    Ivan, NSW

    Arabic to English translation
    24 Apr 17

    I received the documents today. Thank you very much for your kind help and patience.

    Marian, NSW

    Spanish to English translation
    27 Mar 17

    Very efficient and competent service.

    Thor, NSW

    Indonesian to English translation
    23 Mar 17

    Superb service. Thanks Brandon!

    Zaki, Indonesia

    Persian to English translation
    6 Feb 17

    I'm so please with the service provided. Very professional and great customer service. I was so worry for the work but was impressed by the respond . Very grateful guys.

    Maryam, NSW

    Portguese to English translation
    5 Jan 17

    Fast, professional and very friendly. Thank you Brandon and Leticia. I recommend Sydney Translation Services.

    Elaine, NSW

    French to English translation
    19 Oct 16

    I confirm receipt of the letter with the certified translations.

    I would like to thank your team for being so professional and courteous.

    It was a pleasure to deal with Sydney translation.

    Florian, NSW

    Japanese to English translation
    22 Sep 16

    Thank you very much for your prompt work! I'm very impressed.

    I will definitely contact your office when I have documents which need to be translated again.

    Masayo, NSW

    8 Aug 16

    The translations provide from Sydney Translation Services are really very accurate. A very good and fast service at a very affordable price. I will always recommend Brandon - Sydney Translation and I will also make use of this service again.

    Marco, NSW

    Hungarian to English translation
    1 May 16

    Thanks Brandon for the rush translation. Much appreciated and will definitely use your service again in the future if I need something translated!

    Ilka, NSW

    Dutch to English translation
    31 Mar 16

    Hi Brandon, thank you for organising and getting all the translations delivered so fast. I am happy the whole process was so quick and easy.


    Thomas, NSW

    Tamil to English translation
    17 Mar 16

    Hi Brandon, I was referred by a friend to get my translations from Sydney Translation. Your translation service is indeed as professional and fast as she described. Thank you very much for your help.


    Sunita, NSW

    Danish to English translation
    24 Feb 16

    Hi Brandon, That was quick. I'm very impressed with your translation it's perfect and I have no corrections.

    Thank you for doing this, I'll definitely keep you in mind for translation of any future documents.

    Kind Regards

    Katja, UK

    Swedish to English translation
    8 Dec 15

    Thanks Jospehine, fuss free, quick and efficient. Delightful to deal with.

    Kind Regards

    Kathrin, NSW

    Finnish to English translation
    24 Nov 15

    Dear Josephine

    Everything looks really good, I'm happy with the translations. Thank you so much for such a fast delivery!

    Kind Regards

    Daniela, NSW

    French to English translation
    16 June 15

    Dear Josephine,

    I am very happy with the translation and with your service!!

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

    Theresa, NSW

    Swedish to English translation
    20 May 15

    Dear Josephine, Thank you for your professionalism, patience and help.

    you have been wonderful.

    Many thanks indeed.

    Best wishes,

    Rebecca, VIC

    Italian to English translation
    17 Dec 14

    Dear Josephine, I would like to thank you very much for the prompt reply. It has been very much appreciated indeed solving me a lot of problems.

    Gianluca, Italy

    Chinese to English translation
    14 Jul 14

    Hi Josephine, I have received the certified copy of translation. Thank you very much for your excellent service. Regards,

    Sim, NSW

    Dutch to English translation
    18 Jun 14

    Hi Josephine, Thank your for the arranging the translation of the documents on such a short notice, great service. Regards,

    Roel, Netherlands

    Danish to English translation
    18 Jun 14

    That’s perfect and we do appreciate the fast turnaround on this one. Thank you,

    Alice, VIC

    Italian to English translation
    22 Mar 14

    Thank you Josephine for your quick response and service.

    Tony, VIC

    Malay to English translation
    2 Dec 13

    Thank you for forwarding the electronic translation.

    Appreciate the quick turn around. Delivered as promised. Thank you!

    Stephanie, VIC

    Serbian to English translation
    4 Oct 13

    Hello Josephine, thank you for translating my birth certificate - job well done!

    Many thanks and regards,

    Katherine, NSW

    Ukranian to English translation
    3 Sep 13

    Hi Josephine!
    Yes, I've got it. Thank you very much! Fast and correct!

    Kind Regards,

    Sergiy, VIC

    Chinese to English translation
    22 May 13

    Appreciate the fast response times. For your info, client was very happy with the translation.


    Trend, WA

    Multiple language translations
    10 May 13

    Thank you Josephine for managing this project and delivering all the translations within the tight timelines!


    Wendy, Singapore

    Arabic to English urgent translation
    3 Apr 13

    Thanks Josephine. Really appreciate the fast service


    Cliff, VIC

    Arabic to English translation
    5 Mar 13

    Like your work and timelines.

    Best Regards

    Zaid, Wollongong

    Indonesian to English translation
    22 Dec 12

    I received the papers very promptly. Thank you very much for your excellent service.

    Kind Regards

    Carmen, NSW

    Japanese to English
    12 Dec 12

    I received the documents.

    I highly appreciate your kind and prompt assistance.


    Maki, WA

    Thai to English translation
    Personal documents - 11 Nov 12

    That looks great!

    Very happy with the service.

    Thank you

    Andrew, ACT

    Czech to English translation
    Personal documents - 10 Nov 12

    I just got it today. It looks pretty good to me!

    Thanks for that fast service!


    David, ACT

    Portuguese to English translation
    Personal documents - 6 Nov 12

    Thank you for all your help Josephine!

    Would gladly recommend you to others.

    Vicky, SA

    English to Japanese translation
    Brochures - 1 Nov 12

    Your translation service was professional and I'm impressed with the fast turnaround.

    Greatly appreciate it!

    Boris, NSW

    Russian to English translation
    Personal documents - 23 Oct 12

    Wow, I am impressed with the service! Thank you very much for the quick turn around.

    Alena, NSW

    Turkish to English translation
    Personal documents - 23 Oct 12

    Thanks very much; this was really quick.

    Kind regards

    Baris, QLD

    Indonesian to English translation
    Personal documents - 9 Oct 12

    Great, thank you very much, Josephine.

    I'll definitely recommend you to others.

    Thanks again

    Desy, VIC

    Gujarati to English translation‏
    Personal documents - 30 Sep 12

    I write to express my gratitude for the prompt way you carried out the translation of my Gujarati language document into English and sending it by express mail. The document has been accepted by the Indian Visa authorities.

    Many Thanks!

    Ramanlal, QLD

    Russian to English translation‏
    Personal documents - 14 Sep 12

    many thanks for the message! The transaltion looks perfect to me, I am happy! Look forward to receiving it!

    Many thanks for your prompt help.

    Kind regards

    Olga, NSW

    French to English translation‏
    Personal documents - 1 Aug 12

    I appreciate your quick response and professional service, and will recommend you to others!

    Best regards

    Andrée, NSW

    Swedish to English translation‏
    Personal documents - 21 Jul 12

    Yes, the letter arrived yesterday.

    Thank you for following up, the level of service has been awesome!

    Kind regards

    Irina, VIC

    Urdu to English translation‏
    Immigration documents - 5 Jul 12

    I have received the translation document today. Thank you for your prompt reply and service. It was a good experience doing business with you.


    Hozefa, QLD

    Slovak to English translation‏
    Police Report - 16 May 12

    Thank you for your prompt service. I was very happy with it.

    I have received the originals yesterday in mail.

    Have a good week!

    Andrea, VIC

    Italian to English translation
    Birth Certificate - 16 Mar 12

    I am pleased with your excellent service: professional, quick and competitive.

    I will definitely do business with you in the future.

    Thanks and regards,

    Massimo, NSW

    Romanian to English translation
    Urgent University Admission documents - 16 Feb 12

    Thank you very much for everything. I appreciate your work and quick help and response. I glad I chose your service.looking forward to work with you again.

    Thanks again.
    Good night.

    Amina, NSW

    Vietnamese to English translation
    Personal documents - 31 Jan 12

    That's so wonderful thank you very much. I'm definitely satisfied with ur business and look forward to working with u again.

    Diem, QLD

    Slovak to English translation
    Immigration documents - 21 Aug 11

    I received the hard copy this afternoon, I'm very happy with your friendly and professional service. I was a bit worried because I contacted you on Friday and I know most of the offices are closed during the weekend, but you surprised me with a fast respond and on time delivery.

    I would definitely recommend your services to my friends. Thank you again for your help.

    Best regards
    Anna, NSW

    English to Croatian translation
    Personal documents - 17 Aug 11

    Thank you for your help I will be recommending you to others.

    Ivan, NSW

    Dutch to English translation
    Personal documents - 15 Aug 11

    Thanks for the fast service!!! That is perfect!

    Hand, NSW

    English to Arabic translation
    Cleaning services - 6 Jul 11

    Thank you Josephine. The translation is excellent. Well done!!

    Kindest regards
    Henriette, ACT

    English to Chinese translation
    Marriage Vowel - 3 Jul 11

    Thank you very much. The translation looks great!

    Best Wishes
    Linda, QLD

    Spanish to English translation
    Personal documents - 9 Jun 11

    Hi Josephine. Thank you very much for your fine translation service!

    It's only now that I have read the English version that I fully understand the degree of difficulty that is presented with Legal documents. Well Done to your Translator!!
    I have got a feeling there will be more work to do as the process moves forward.

    Best Wishes
    John, NSW

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