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    Multi-lingual Typesetting

    Sydney Translation can handle multilingual translations and typesetting for all your marketing collateral.

    Adobe InDesign Translation Services

    Sydney Translation Services provides typesetting and desktop publishing (DTP) services for translations in working design files such as InDesign (.indd).

    If you have design files needing translation into different languages, or need the translations prepared specifically for your designer or web developer, we can help you.

    Take the hassle out of setting different language translations within your design files. Some language fonts are difficult to find, not to mention the time needed to typeset translations perfectly for your marketing material.

    We provide expert translation and management of projects needing translation and typeset for multiple languages.

    Expert Typesetting

    All Languages
    • Professionally typeset documents.
    • Typesetters with domain knowledge in design.
    • Latest software and industry knowledge.


    PDF Proofs
    • We provide PDF proofs for your review.
    • If you use Frontlab for InDesign, we provide INDD files.
    • For Frontlab files we verify all changed sections.


    Final Package
    Final delivery includes:
    • Web PDFs: Low-res PDFs perfect for online use
    • Print PDFs: High-res PDFs with trims and bleed, ready for print publishing
    • Full artwork package

    Professional Typeset Services

    Get professional typesetting by providing your working files (zipped or from a downloadable link) and translations.

    Email your request to [email protected] with the necessary details for us to provide you with a quote and estimated delivery times.

    For a quote, just send us a PDF of what you need to typeset, and let us know the required languages for translation. The larger working files can be shared with us via Dropbox or WeTransfer once the job is ready to commence.

    Brochure Typesetting

    Our target language documents look as natural and well designed as the source files. We will take care to choose the font for the typeset files or you can provide the required font(s).

    We typeset all languages, from roman text to the most complex scripts and RTL (right-to-left) languages. Examples of some of our translation and typeset projects can be found here.

    All Software

    Software our DTP team use to typeset for clients include InDesign, Framemaker, Illustrator, Publisher, Quark, Word, Powerpoint and Visio.

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