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    Sydney Translation is a language translation company providing individuals and organisations with professional translation services.

    Our translators are based all around Australia and are government accredited translators. We provide for a wide range of translation requirements including marketing translation, business and legal translation, migration translation, technical translation, medical translation and academic transcript translation.

    Clients We Translate For

    • Visa applicants
    • Migration agents
    • Employment agencies
    • Tourists, travellers
    • Real estate offices
    • Property developers
    • Construction companies
    • Design and digital agencies
    • Galleries and museums
    • Government offices
    • Embassies and High Commissions
    • Teachers, Researchers
    • Large corporate, SMEs
    • Travel groups
    • Diplomats
    • Law firms

    Translation Services We Provide

    Accounting, Banking and Finance Translation

    We provide translation services for accounting, banking and financial sectors by having a global pool of translators with various professional backgrounds from investment banks or law firms. For many businesses, dealing with cross-border financial transactions and corporate restructures requires the ability to understand foreign company documentation quickly and in detail.

    Our foreign language expertise and industry knowledge from dedicated full-time translators enables to respond quickly to large business translation requirements.

    Government Translation

    Australian Government departments trust Sydney Translation with their professional translation needs.

    As one of Australia's fastest-growing translation agencies translating for legal, security, healthcare and property sectors, our solid industry experience has seen us become a trusted language partner for Australian Government departments.

    Sydney Translation works with the Australian Government in producing multilingual information for the Australian communities.

    Our personal service will ensure that every government translation project is managed with care and quality-checked from start to finish.

    Insurance and Reinsurance Translation

    Whether you are considering policy coverage in relation to an overseas claim or looking to launch a new product in the Asian market, we can assist with the technical linguistic work.

    • Insurance / reinsurance policies
    • Statutes and judgments
    • Legal documents including correspondence, pleadings and witness statements
    • Claims documentation (including travel insurance)
    • Medical reports
    • Marketing materials

    Healthcare and Medical Translation

    Whether you are looking to communicate with non-English speaking audience in Australia, Asia, Africa or Europe or wish to decipher a complex clinical paper for research purposes, we have the right expertise for medical translation requirements.

    We are the trusted translation partner to some of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, media agencies and publishers.

    We provide multilingual typesetting services for our healthcare clients. This means that your medical translation can be clearly represented on the relevant foreign language documents.

    NAATI Translation Services

    Sydney Translation provides NAATI certified document translation where needed, for government or legal purposes.

    Our translators specialised in migration regularly translate:

    • Birth / marriage certificates
    • Passports
    • Drivers licences
    • Police reports
    • Tertiary education certificates
    • Degree certificates

    We are proud to be a very popular translation agency for personal documents and have had many happy and returning customers.

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