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    Larrakia are the Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Larrakia Country which includes the area in and around Darwin, Northern Territory in Australia. The original language name of the group now known as Larrakia, is Gulumirrgin.

    Larrakia country traditionally includes the Darwin Harbour, Cox Peninsula across the Darwin Harbour, most of Gunn Point and much of rural Darwin.

    Larrakia people are known as "saltwater people", Larrakia country extends up to 50 km inland. Larrakia had trading routes mostly extending down the western side of the NT. Established 'songlines' penetrated throughout the country, allowing stories and histories to be told and retold along the routes.

    Larrakia organisations include the Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation (LNAC) which was established in 1997 (via the Native Title Act) by the Northern Land Council which provided funding for over fours years to assist in the governance structure and operations. This provided an umbrella organisation for members of the wider interrelated Larrakia family groups including Batcho, Browne/Talbot/Kenyon, Roman, Fejo, Raymond/Mills, Mclennan & Cubillo. The eight groups are composed of numerous interrelated and unrelated individual families. The LNAC has a membership of 500+, not all members are Larrakia. As of the 4th October 2010, LNAC was put under Special Administration by the Federal Government.

    In February 2002 Larrakia Development Corporation PTY LTD was officially incorporated under the Corporations Act. The Larrakia Development Corporation is a shareholder company established and owned by the Northern Land Council. Unlike many Indigenous Corporations, Larrakia Development Corporation is self funded and does not rely on Government Grants to operate. Working with the Larrakia people, Northern Land Council, and the Government of the Northern Territory, Australia to gain forward direction in achieving acceptable development. Larrakia Development Corporation has Memorandums of Understanding with: Kormilda College LTD, Ausurv Pty Ltd, Sitzler Pty Ltd, MacMahon Contractors Pty Ltd and Inpex Corporation. These Memorandums of Understandings are in place to help Larrakia to gain financial independence through employment opportunities.

    A Larrakia person should be able to demonstrate their claimed Larrakia heritage via bonafide genealogies, and are primarily identified by the Larrakia/Aboriginal community in which they live. Some Larrakia families are concerned that non-Larrakia have been included in various land claims.

    The Kenbi Land Claim proceedings defines Larrakia Traditional Owners as: 'a descendant of a known Larrakia ancestor and a member of one of the Larrakia families named and listed in the Kenbi Land Claim decision by the Land Commissioner, Justice Gray'.

    The Kenbi definition was formed through legal proceedings and this definition may not be seen as culturally appropriate by some Larrakia.1

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